Art Criticism in the Digital Age: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts

August 25, 2015

ONLINE COURSE / Duration: Sep 21 – Oct 12, 2015 / Apply before: September 18, 2015

Lecturers: An Paenhuysen & Craig Schuftan

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This course provides an introduction to art criticism in the digital age. Blogs, vlogs, podcasts  and more have created new platforms for those with something to say about contemporary art, offering new spaces and places for criticism, while at the same time transforming it.

Twenty years ago, critics had to hope for a position as a reviewer for a magazine if they wanted to reach the public. Now, anyone with a smartphone and an opinion has access to a potential audience of millions. And as the new technology democratises criticism, larger media companies also embrace and adopt the new mode.

So how do we make good use of these new opportunities as art writers? And how can we use new technology to say what we want to say about art today? In our course we explore the ways in which digital technology affects the genre of art criticism. We’ll look at the positive consequences; the new diversity of voices, the sense of direct connection with an audience, the freedom it offers us to publish what we like when we like it. We’ll take account of the drawbacks too – new media has made art writing more subjective and spontaneous,  but does this make it less accountable?  And we’ll show you how to negotiate all of this, with an exciting and informative introduction to art criticism in the digital age.

This is not a technical-oriented course, though it is practical. You’ll learn how to produce your work in the course of completing the assignments. The only technological device you need to take this course is a smart phone.

*Video-conferences every Monday at 7pm Central European Time. Recordings available in case you miss a live session!
Participation fee: 148 euros 
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Week 1: Art Journalism in the Digital Age
with Craig Schuftan and An Paenhuysen

  • the role of the critics in the context of new media
  • historical examples of art writing and new media
  • internet-age art journalism
  • assignment

Week 2: Video / VLOGS / Visuals
with An Paenhuysen

  • feedback assignment
  • critical authority in visuals
  • post-descriptive criticism
  • writing with the eye
  • assignment

Week 3: Radio / Podcasts / Audio
with Craig Schuftan

  • writing with the ear
  • telling stories with sound
  • the art of interviewing artists
  • assignment

Week 4: Do It Yourself
with Craig Schuftan and An Paenhuysen

  • feedback assignment 
  • writing with the ear and eye presenting yourself
  • online presence: how to reach your audience (Instagram, Twiter, etc)
  • sustainability: how to keep your followers and monetizing your blogging

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