Art publications from start to finish

April 19, 2015

Lecturer: John Holten, co-founder of Broken Dimanche Press


Art books and catalogues are increasingly important as a site where contemporary art carries out its discourses and activities. They are integral parts of exhibitions and indeed can be considered artworks themselves in the case of artist’s books and editions. This course takes the participants through various types of publications before looking in detail at each of the key stages of producing an exhibition catalogue, from looking at funding possibilities, sample publication budgets, contracts and permissions, as well as at ways of giving a publication a life through promotion and marketing before looking at distribution and where books end up. Beautiful books are comprised of a myriad of finely tuned details all added at key moments in a book’s creation. The course outlines each stage in the exciting and challenging process of publishing.

Participation fee: 148€

Language: English

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Week 1: Introduction – Approaches to Publications

  • Introduction: what publications can offer curators
  • Self-publishing versus finding a publisher
  • ISBNs
  • Looking at funding
  • Budgets

Week 2: Content – Types of Publications

  • Deciding on content
  • Contracts
  • Copyright
  • Permissions
  • Questions related to design

Week 3: Production

  • Image editing and captioning
  • Fact checking, copy-editing and proofreading
  • Paper types
  • Offset print versus digital print
  • Printing specifications and how they affect content decisions

Week 4: Marketing and Distribution

  • Consignment forms
  • Finding distribution
  • Press releases, launch events
  • Reviews


About John Holten

John is a writer and publisher. Having co-founded Broken Dimanche Press as an international art press in 2009, John has overseen as Editor-In-Chief more than thirty publications, exhibitions, projects and public events. Interested in the expanded book’s potential in the digital age, he has worked with a variety of artists and curators in the production of beautiful, steadfast book objects. You Are Here, the first book published by Broken Dimanche Press, won at the Charlemagne European Youth Prize in 2010. John has also written for many artists such as Richard Mosse, Natalie Czech, Mahony, Darri Lorenzen and Jani Ruscica. In 2011 John published his first novel The Readymades. The art group he created in the novel, The LGB Group, exhibited widely including in The Armory Show, New York in 2012. His personal website is and that of the press is

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