April 6, 2016

The Art Department: Phase 1 is pleased to launch its Open Call for digital content that responds to its first theme of ‘Prophecies’. 

The Open Call is now closed! Applicants will be notified by 1 June.

The Art Department is a research branch of Node Center where we investigate experimental approaches to art that have significant impact on how we think, feel, or experience the world around us.

Our ongoing exploration will be shared on our website in a variety of digital formats created by invited guests, the Node team and open call submissions.

Each quarter, the Art Department: Phase 1 is guided by a theme, the first being Prophecies. We want to explore this topic from many different possibilities and perspectives so proposals for content from all fields are welcome. Two proposals will be selected to be featured online as part of the new Art Department: Phase 1 launching mid-June 2016.

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For our first theme of Prophecies we are interested in exploring how artistic approaches to predictions of the future have shaped us today – be they utopias, dystopias, absurd fantasies or truthful projections. For example, we can trace a clear trajectory from future vision to reality when in the 1960s, Star Trek brought the Communicator to our imagination – 30 years later, Motorola modelled their first flip phone on this very design.

Proposals could relate to such questions as – What has the role of art and artists been in predicting the future? How is the role of the artist connected with that of the ‘visionary’? What are we capable of imagining, and what are we not? What do future predictions conversely reveal about the time that they were made in?

Check our tumblr for some of the things that are inspiring us as we develop the Art Department.

We are open to many different engaging and insightful formats, including:

  • Visual essay
  • Short video
  • Creative writing
  • Interview
  • Research paper
  • Statistical report
  • Investigative article

We are especially into creative ideas where the content and form are effectively considered together. Formats must be possible to view on our website at

Successful applicants will be notified by 1 June. The first draft of the digital content will then be developed in discussion with the Node team and published on our website as part of the Art Department: Phase 1, Theme 1: Prophecies.

The Art Department: Phase 1 is directed by Lauren Reid, for further information contact

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