Career Pathways for Curators and Cultural Managers

July 26, 2015


/ Duration: From Aug 19 – Sep 9, 2015

/ Application deadline: August 16, 2015/ Lecturer: Kate Allis Martin

Participation fee: 148€


This course provides an overview of the various job roles and tasks within the field of curatorial and cultural management work in both local and international contexts. Participants will learn strategies and skills for improving and developing their own potential career pathway to create a more sustainable practice. This course has been developed for early career curators and cultural managers with some experience organising exhibitions, events and projects who would benefit from tips and ideas for how to make the most of their knowledge and better promote their practice.

Participation fee: 148.75€
Language: English


*Online material available 24/7 during the duration of the course and 4 weekly video-conferences every Monday at 7pm Central European Time




Week 1: Introduction and Communicating What You Do

  • An overview of curatorial and cultural management work within local and international contexts and why it matters to know.
  • Participants will share their challenges and expectations and learn how to set their own visual arts career goals.
  • How to talk and write about your work to a variety of audiences and individuals, examining examples of statements and CVs. Homework: Participants write their own curatorial statements, CVs or 5 min slideshow presentation/video of their work.


Week 2: Marketing What You Do

  • Tailored feedback from participants’ statements, CVs and slideshows/videos
  • Networking tips
  • Re-evaluating your portfolio, website and social media profiles: considerations and tools for documenting and showcasing your projects, events, exhibitions and other work.


Week 3: Project Management Practicalities

  • Improving your research methods – tips for conceptualising your projects, and keeping track of your resources.
  • Improving your time management and organisation – tips for planning and realising projects, exhibitions and events


Week 4: Money Matters

  • How to negotiate fees and write contracts
  • An overview of funding structures and grant applications.
  • Sustaining your practice financially through resourceful thinking, collaboration and self-organised projects.


About Kate Martin

Kate is an Australian freelance curator and arts educator based in Berlin. Kate has ten years’ experience working in Australia, Scotland and Germany as a freelance curator organising a variety of projects, exhibitions and events. Kate was Education Assistant at The Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh from 2009-10 and worked as an educator for the National Galleries of Scotland and Strathclyde University from 2011-2012. Kate founded Contemporary Art Exchange in 2009, a curatorial platform for international projects, exhibitions and events providing professional development opportunities for emerging and young artists.

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