Contemporary Art & Copyright: Online course

February 24, 2014

Apply before March 18th, 2014 /

Duration: From March 24th to April 14th, 2014 /

A 4 week online course exploring: how to use copyright, the practical fundamentals of copyright law for artists and curators, alternatives to copyright for re-use of existing work.

Lecturer: Alan Cunningham

This course is designed for curators, arts professionals and artists who want to better understand the role of copyright (and contracts) in art and curatorial practice.

It will contextualise copyright law and policy in relation to art before addressing practical issues such as: how long does copyright last for?; how do I ‘get’ copyright?; what rights do I have under copyright?; and what should I look out for in contracts where copyright is relevant? Such questions will be explored in relation to art but also in relation to the written work of curators.

Other related rights – such as the resale right – will be explained, as well as the role of collecting societies in facilitating artists. The course will end by discussing alternatives to traditional copyright protection, strategies for appropriation in art and basic rules regarding the re-use of text and images in catalogues and publications.

Participation fee: 145€
Language: English

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*Online material available 24/7 during the duration of the course and 4 weekly video-conferences every Monday at 7pm Central European Time


Week 1 What is copyright?

  • The role of copyright in Art.
  • What rights do you have & for how long? (European Law Focus).
  • Copyright: Vice or Virtue?
  • Other important rights for artists.

Week 2 – Getting it and using it.

  • Copyright Registration – Necessary or not?
  • Copyright and Contracts – Exhibiting, Loaning and/or Selling your work. Representation Contracts. Agency Contracts.
  • Licensing your copyright – Key points.
  • Copyright & Curators: Written work and Copyright.

Week 3 – Getting Paid and Passing it on.

  • Collecting Societies – What can they do for you and are they worth it?
  • Focus on Resale Right.
  • Transferring your copyright: Your legacy.

Week 4 – Alternatives to Copyright/Re-Use of Images & Text

  • Opening up your work: Open Source Art, Alternative Licensing.
  • Strategies for appropriation/re-use: Know thy enemy.
  • Copyright Infringement & Art.
  • Re-Use of Images and Text: What is permitted?


About Alan Cunnigham

Alan Cunningham has Ph.D in IP Law from Queen Mary, University of London and has taught copyright law and IP law at La Trobe University, Melbourne and Queen Mary, University of London.

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