Count from zero to one hundred

February 4, 2013

Book launch and Screening

A novella by Alan Cunnigham and short film by Darko Dragičević Saturday 9th Feb 2013

Node Centre for Curatorial Studies Waldemarstr, 37A, Berlin 10999 (Buzzer: Node) 19.00 – 21.00

Count from Zero to One Hundred (Penned in the Margins, London)  is a novella written as a series of prose fragments, fluctuating from conversation to philosophical reflection in an anxious stuttering staccato, as its narrator moves across some of the great cities of Europe – Berlin, London, Dublin, Budapest – and other parts of the world. Traces of Beckett and Joyce are felt in this moving and contemporary meditation on the limits and vulnerability of the body, and the power of language and imagination to transcend those limits. Taking his cue from Japanese author Kenzaburō Ōe’s Rouse Up O Young Men of the New Age!, Alan Cunningham has produced a debut novella that is both beautiful and experimental – a powerful exploration of sexuality, placelessness and the body.  

Alan Cunningham is a writer from the north of Ireland. Currently based in London, he was born in Newry and has previously lived in Belfast, Dublin and Berlin. He has taught on issues relating to appropriation and art at the Node Centre for Curatorial Studies, Berlin, and on Intellectual Property issues at Queen Mary, University of London.  

COUNT FROM ZERO TO ONE HUNDRED: 2 directed by Darko Dragičević    

Berlin based Serbian artist Darko Dragičević has directed a beautiful short film, COUNT FROM ZERO TO ONE HUNDRED:2. The film, based on section 2 of the novella, illustrates, in a succinct visual language that mirrors but does not ape the equally sparse language of the book, the dangerous but understandable desire for a sense of only ourselves in our own bodies, afraid of and unresponsive to touch, damaged perhaps, in ways only hinted at. It ends, however, having communicated a sense of the always enduring potential for – perhaps even need for, however damaged – touch and openness to an equally dangerous but joyful intimacy.  

Darko Dragičević (1979, Belgrade) studied at The International College of Arts and Sciences in Milan where he received M.A. (Hons) in Art Direction and B.A. in Visual Communications. Soon after he moved to New York where he studied film at the NYFA. Since then he’s been working on the short films, video projects and also took part in various solo and group exhibitions. His works have been featured in The Armory Show New York City 2012, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2011 (won the 3rd prize for the music video “Ah!“) and Ann Arbor Festival Michigan 2011. Recent exhibitions and screenings include Athens Video Dance Project (Oct 2012), Otto Zoo Gallery Milan (Sept 2012) and Wexford Art Center (June 2012).  

Upcoming events include the exhibition “Wahlheimat“ at the Finnish Institute Berlin (Jan-Feb 2013) and the Etnographic Museum Belgrade (Apr-May 2013). Currently he lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

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