Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant

A two-month long program for innovators researching or working in both art and another field of interest. Grant recipients will work together to develop strategies that apply art-thinking to practical applications outside of the art world.


  • Dates: Autumn 2015 (exact dates to be confirmed)
  • Application deadline: 1 February, 2015
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Number of participants: 6
  • Language: English
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Amount: participants receive 1000 euro grant

*Please read everything carefully before applying



Node Center is an art organization focused on curatorial practice. At Node, we work to expand and challenge the current limits of art and curation to stimulate different ways of approaching these practices. During the past three years we have held eight curatorial residencies which drew together groups of curators to provide basic practical and theoretical skills. Each residency resulted in an exhibition and publication. Now we take it a step further with the Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant.

Through our Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant we bring together six risky thinkers/makers willing to open the boundaries of art curation. The Program will focus on art-thinking rather than the art-object, applying the divergent thinking and creative possibilities of art to other fields. With the idea of looking out from an art perspective, we will explore through the Program how art can enrich and provide practical uses to other fields and formats, such as science, education, media and engineering,



For a two month period we will work intensively through brainstorming sessions, research, adventures and experimentation. We will use prototyping methods and by trial & error we will work through potential practical applications of art in other fields. We will collaborate together to develop imaginative manuals or guides of strategies to apply art beyond the art system.


FAQ (please read carefully to ensure that this program is suitable for you)

- What kind of people are you looking for?

We are looking for thinkers and makers who either work in the arts and also work with an additional field, or thinkers and makers coming from another field and researching how to apply art in their field. Participants must have a minimum of five years experience working in their profession.

- How many people will take part in the Program and from where?

The Program is limited to six participants who will work together alongside the Node team. We encourage people from all over the world to apply.

- How much does it cost?

Node is a private self-funded institution, with our desire to develop and expand art practice we are providing this residency cost-free. In addition Node will grant each participant 1000 euros to assist in covering their living expenses. We encourage you to apply to other funding bodies in addition

- Is this a study program?

No, it is a production program. We will  learn from each other and work collaboratively toward an open-ended outcome.

Do you provide accommodation?

No, we do not provide accommodation.

- Will we make an exhibition?

No, the Program’s aim is to expand formats and look at how art-thinking can be applied to other fields outside the art world.

- Apply if -

You are open-minded and able to view things from different perspectives. You respect and are interested in other people’s points of views. You think that art can provide new models of working. You value ‘doing’ over ‘thinking’.

- Please don’t apply if -

You are not interested in working outside of the art field and, for example, are only interested in making an exhibition. If you don’t enjoy working in a team or if you believe that academic titles define yourself and others.



Please email the following in a compressed folder labelled with your name via to *

1 – Contact Details: name, location, age, email, website (if applicable)

2 – Personal Biography (500 words maximum)

3 – Video (7 minutes maximum)

Introduce yourself and provide one example of what you have done that is related to the line of the Program. In addition, explain why you want to join the Program. Don’t worry if you don’t have technical or editing skills, we just want to see your face and get to know you.

4 – Proposal (250 words maximum)

A suggested specific topic of investigation on how to use art in other fields.
eg. Applying art-thinking to sports training.

5 – The Wild Card (optional)

You can send one extra file/document in the format of your choosing as an extra pitch for why you should join the Program. Surprise us!

* If you do not submit all of the application requirements, your application will not be considered.


Deadline: 1 February 2015

All applications will be reviewed and potential candidates will be pre-selected for an interview in March. The participants of the Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant will be published in April 2015.

Due to the high amount of applications we won’t be able to reply to those not accepted.