Exhibition Design and 3D Modeling Fundamentals

October 18, 2015

ONLINE COURSE / Apply before: Nov 9, 2015 / Duration: Nov 11 – Dec 16, 2015

Lecturer: Iohanna Nicenboim

Participation fee: 210 euros


We are very pleased at Node to offer for the first time, a six week long course in Exhibition Design.



This course examines the planning and designing of three-dimensional spaces which encourage visitor’s understanding, participation, and engagement.
Within a user-centered perspective and applying design thinking methods, you will have the chance observe an exhibition space and its users, transforming the challenges into design opportunities. Following the six-weeks course, you will learn how to use a 3d software from scratch (or improve your 3d skills), get practical tools for making the content of the exhibition more clear and accessible, and develop a complete exhibition design proposal. 

*For 3D modeling we will use the free software Sketchup


*Video-conferences every Wednesday at 7pm Central European Time. Recordings will be available in case you miss a live session!

How do Node Courses work?



Week 1: Context

  • Introduction
  • User-centered design
  • Design Thinking
  • Understanding user’s needs
  • Transforming problems into design opportunities
  • Observing a space


Week 2: Content

  • Space narrative and storytelling
  • Space structure
  • Exhibition Layout
  • Guiding visitors
  • Architectural drawing 1: floorplans
  • Understanding and working with scale
  • Sketchup 1: basic tools


Week 3: Ideation

  • Design Brief
  • Finding a design concept
  • Inspiration boards
  • Sketches and models
  • Design elements and principles
  • Sketchup 2: working with 2d and 3d objects


Week 4: Design

  • Architectural drawing 2
  • Sketchup 3: Elevations and section-cuts
  • Human factors
  • The perception of Space
  • Creating Space, not filling it!
  • Interactivity


Week 5: Planning

  • Accessibility
  • Colors and materials
  • Typography and graphics
  • How to make a good design proposal
  • Renders and quick visualizations in Photoshop
  • Sketchup 4: Animations

Week 6: Production/ Installation

  • Sketchup 5: matching models to photos
  • Conservation
  • Lighting basics
  • Construction and installation plans
  • Sketchup 6: Layout
  • Final review


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