Favourite Flavours Selection – Chun Ya Yang

March 8, 2013
As part of the Node resident’s ‘Favourite Flavours’, Chun Ya Yang presented this interesting project she collaborated on, ‘Gerichte auf Tischen’.
‘By focusing on food and the culture of living and by creating a shared space and a platform for shared knowledge, ‘Gerichte auf Tischen’ envisioned a sustainable existence based on the local community in a rural region with a fast-shrinking population. Bio-farmers were identified as the key agents in the development of a new culture of living that will be necessary of the survival of the area.’
The project took place in the summer of 2012 in the small Austrian town St. Lambrecht. ‘Gerichte auf Tischen’ was a collaboration between the St. Lambrecht community and bio-farmers and students of ‘Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg’ during the ‘Regionale 12, Festival für zeitgenössische Kunst und Kultur’.
Additionally Chun Ya Yang gave her fellow Node residents a ‘Favourite Flavour’-text as homework; ‘A Space to Talk: Curator, Artist, Collaborauteur’, Gill Park, 2008.

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