Innovators’ Program Diary – Week 2

September 2, 2015 18

Our Innovators kept working very hard during the second week of the Program, which has been dedicated to research on how we think. Together they carried on a very intense schedule of one-on-one interviews, online surveys and field work to gain insights into many different ways of thinking and seeing the world.

As part of the research phase, we received a visit from Australian artist and academic, Jai McKenzie along with her collaborator Edward Vero, a meditation instructor. Together they are presently developing a series of workshops combining art and meditation techniques which brought up some refreshing and surprising ideas related to our topic.

Thanks for visiting us, Jai and Eddie! Also a big thank you to all of the participants of the interviews, surveys and diaries, we’re very grateful for all of the insightful contributions.

Take a look at some images of the week! 


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