Lighting for Galleries and Exhibitions

March 23, 2015

ONLINE COURSE / Apply before: Apr 5th, 2015 / Duration: Apr 8 – 29, 2015

Lecturer: Michael Dooney

Participation fee: 148€

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This course is designed to give an insight into lighting design with a focus on art galleries, museum and exhibition spaces. Participants will learn about the various tools and techniques available when designing lighting for an exhibition and how to best communicate these ideas to an architect, lighting designer or electrical planner when designing a space.

Topics discussed include the fundamentals of lighting design, the visual system and spatial perception, supporting topics specific to art and exhibition spaces, creating atmospheres, conservation, maintenance and flexibility. Geared towards those working in galleries, curators and exhibition designers, the course covers the theoretical and practical applications of lighting design and how this can support and enhance the exhibition of art.

*Online material available 24/7 during the duration of the course and 4 weekly video-conferences every Wednesday at 7pm Central European Time

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Week 1 (Introduction)

  • What is lighting design? Why is it important and how is it relevant to an exhibition space?
  • History of lighting design
  • How does light transform a space
  • Best practices and examples of museum and gallery lighting

Week 2 (Application & Theory)

  • Fundamentals of lighting design
  • Light and colour
  • Visual system and perception

Week 3 (Practical & Technical)

  • Lamps, luminaires and lighting control
  • Gallery types and lighting considerations
  • Conservation

Week 4 (Bringing everything together)

  • Holistic lighting design and approach to displaying of art

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