Node workshop in México!

February 27, 2014

We just came back from our trip to Ciudad Juárez (México), the most amazing border town in the world.  We were invited by the University of Ciudad Juárez UACJ, to give a workshop on Curatorial Strategies for the local context. 

During 4 days of hard work and thanks to the enthusiasm of the participants, Toper Web was born: a platform that will put together art practitioners of the city.  Toperweb organises monthly meetings called ‘Topertulias‘, that take as model the Tupperware party format in which a host (in this case an art producer) invites friends to their space to share their current projects while guests brings a tupperware container with food to share.

We were surprised on how much was achieved in so short time, participants worked as hard and effectively as possible. Besides that, we always had time to enjoy the city with the company of our beloved juarenses.

toperweb1 Crossing the border! toperweb2  Everybody concentrated working… go team!  toperweb5

First sketches for Toperweb toperweb6

Toper what? Toperweb got online by the end of the workshop! toperweb8

We received this goodbye present so that we have a place to come back in Juárez toperweb9

Lovely goodbye party at Bar Eugenios  

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