Online course: Graphic Design Toolkit for Curators and Cultural Producers

January 26, 2014

Lecturer: Iohanna Nicenboim

The course is tailored for curators and cultural producers that are keen to acquire basic graphic design skills in order to create their own graphic material or collaborate in a better way with designers.

From the manipulation and combination of shape, color, imagery, typography and space, the participants will develop skills to translate their ideas into a visual language creating a cohesive visual identity for their exhibitions or events.

They will learn and experiment with design software like Photoshop and InDesign and at the same time, will acquire basic notions of graphic design and printing. Finally, the students will develop and realize different graphic material such as invitation, brochure, exhibition title and information panels.


Participation fee: 148€

Enroll here:

*Online material available 24/7 during the duration of the course and 4 weekly video-conferences every Monday at 7pm Central European Time




  • Introduction
  • Design process and design thinking
  • Image formats and resolution
  • Colour modes: CMYK vs. RGB
  • Photoshop basics
  • Retouching images

Practical result: creation of event invitation and media release



  • Design Principles
  • Brand, Logo and Visual Identity
  • Indesign basics
  • Introduction to Typography
  • Typeface and its uses
  • Vinyl Plotter Cut Design

Practical result: Design and vinyl cut of exhibition title



  • Visual systems and information areas
  • Indesign Advance I: Text editing
  • Indesign Advance II: Masters and Styles

Practical result: Information panel and labels design



  • Printing Basics
  • Exporting files
  • Book design basics: binding, layout, cover
  • Useful resources
  • Time management

Practical result: Brochure and Catalog design

For this course is necessary to have Photoshop and InDesign installed in your computer. If you don’t have this software, we’ll send instructions to download the 30-day trial on the first day of the course. Please note that Node does not provide this software.

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