Unfolding Innovators Program – Chapter 1

August 26, 2015

Wow, finally the day has come! It was almost one year ago, on September 2014 when we launched the open call for our very first Innovators Program at Node Center. We spread the word around the globe to find people from different fields to collaborate together on the challenge – How can we create a method to teach ‘art thinking’?

Art thinking is a term we started to use at Node to label the mindset that artists use to think/observe prior to creating a work: we believe it is a mix of divergent thinking, critical thinking, creativity and using intuitive approaches. We founded this program with the belief that there is something valuable about art, aside from the objects, exhibitions and the art system, a mindset that we believe could be beneficial in other fields. As Luis Camnitzer said: “Art thinking is much more than art: it is a meta-discipline that is there to help expand the limits of other forms of thinking”.



But enough words! Node Coordinator -Lauren Reid- who is full of hidden abilities and never stops to surprise me, made this animation to explain the aims of Node’s Innovators Program. 



But, why are we doing this? What are the benefits of art thinking?

We believe that art thinking can support and expand conventional ways of thinking. It could help people to see a situation as ambiguous and rich in possibilities instead of having or needing an unidirectional answer for it. The ability to see from different perspectives and critically question established knowledge, could encourage empathy and open-mindedness, a benefit not only for the individual but others as well.


Sounds good, but how are we going to do this?

This Innovators Program is the first step to it – during 2 months we will go through an active research process with the team of Node Innovators. Together we will build the first prototype of a method to teach art thinking.  This will be only a very first version that we aim to grow and refine in the following years.


If you are interested in following the project please sign up for our newsletter here. We will be sharing a selection of relevant references and information as well as taking you through our adventure!


Perla Montelongo

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