Visits: Alexandra Navratil, Nicolas Puyjalon, Ash Keating and Constantinos Taliotis

June 27, 2013

The Node residents had a full line-up of artist visits on Thursday. We started with another artist from ABAAlexandra Navratil who previewed work from her upcoming show ‘This Formless Thing’ at the Kunstmuseum Winterthur in Switzerland. Nicolas Puyjalon kindly shared some delicious pastries and past performances. Back at Node, we were lucky to catch Ash Keating before he returns to Australia and finally, Constantinos Taliotis shared his current work in oO, the Cyprus/Lithuania Pavilion at Venice Biennale….oh, and then a delicious dinner at Baraka.

AlexandraNavratil (detail from 'This Formless Thing')

Alexandra Navratil (detail from ‘This Formless Thing’)

In the studio with Alexandra Navratil

In the studio with Alexandra Navratil


Pastries at Nicolas Puyjalon’s, yum!


With Nicolas Puyjalon

Greta Costello Photography

Ash Keating, ‘West Park Proposition’ 2012 (production still photograph by Greta Costello)


Ash Keating


Constantinos Taliotis

Dinner, oh my!

Dinner, oh my!


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