Art Department

A research branch of Node Center where we investigate experimental approaches to art that have significant impact on how we think, feel, or experience the world around us.*

In mid-2016 we will launch ‘Art Department: Phase 1’ here on our website, where we will be sharing our ongoing exploration in a variety of digital formats created by invited guests, the Node team and open call submissions.




For its first theme of Prophecies, we are interested in artistic approaches to different visions of the future across time, be they utopias, dystopias, absurd fantasies or truthful projections. We want to explore how creative visions of the future have shaped us today as well as the impact they had on those who encountered them at the time. 

For full information or if you would like to submit a proposal of digital content responding to the theme of Prophecies, read our Open Call.

Follow our tumblr for some of the things that are inspiring us as we develop the Art Department!

The Art Department: Phase 1 is directed by Lauren Reid, for further information contact

*We do not believe that all art necessarily needs to have a ‘significant impact’. However the Art Department: Phase 1 is focusing on art that does have a clear or measurable impact as a way to critically explore what kinds of effects art can have today.