History and Team


Node Center was founded in 2010 in Berlin, initially as a residency for curators by Perla Montelongo and Ignacio Garcia. Today Node is directed by Perla Montelongo and developed in collaboration with its Art Department Director, Lauren Reid.

From 2011 – 2013 Node ran the Collaborative Curatorial Program which hosted 30 international curators yearly in a series of 3 month-long programs. The curators were immersed in the Berlin art scene and given networking opportunities, studio visits with artists and practical experience through workshops. At the end of each program, the guest curators developed a collaborative exhibition and publication.

The Collaborative Curatorial Program closed in 2013 and in 2015 we launched the Innovators Grant. During 2 months we hosted ‘innovators’ from different fields (art, neuroscience, education, physics, etc) to research collaboratively on how working and thinking processes of artists can be used to create a learning tool for education. For further information, click here

In mid-2016 we will launch Art Department: Phase 1, a research branch of Node Center where we investigate experimental approaches to art that have significant impact on how we think, feel, or experience the world around us. Read more about it here!

Simultaneously Node has been running online courses  for international curators and cultural producers, starting with the Online Platform in Spanish in 2009 (under the initial name ‘Visions of Art’). In 2011 the Online Platform in English was launched.

Node Center builds upon a strong foundation having hosted about 75 international curators since its founding and produced 10 exhibitions and publications. Yearly, we present a series of 31 online courses to the international public, conducted by a strong team of lecturers specialised in their subjects. Each year our Online Platforms attract up to 1500 students.

It is our aim to continue to reach an ever-expanding international audience as well as strengthen our research, innovation and experimentation in the curatorial and artistic fields.


  • Perla Montelongo – Director
  • Lauren Reid – Director of the Art Department
  • Berta Diez – Spanish Online Courses coordinator
  • Signe Tveskov – English Online Courses coordinator
  • Gabriela Durán Barraza – Research associate (Neuroaesthetics)
  • Carolina Jiménez – Communication
  • Celia Gómez de Villavedón – Marketing Coordinator
  • Andrea Coyotzi – Technical Support
  • David Matos – Director of Graphic Image