Horror Vacui, the game

Urban game design as exhibition mediation tool

Project in collaboration with Tacit Dimension  

Tacit Dimension is an independent laboratory developing urban games for urban design research and innovation projects. It is organised by philosopher and game designer Viktor Bedö in collaboration with Node director Perla Montelongo. Tacit Dimension is based on the premise that we acquire knowledge through experience and through interactions with our environment.  We experiment with ways of transmitting concepts into physical experiences through game design.

On the occasion of the exhibition Tomrom (Sandefjord Kunstforening, Norway 2015), we explored how the central concept of the exhibition -the void- can be translated into game mechanics for the urban space surrounding the exhibition venue and created the game HORROR VACUI. The game took the concept of ‘the void’ as its center and invited participants to create voids themselves, embedding the exhibition topic into a physical experience. In this sense the game aims to act as a prelude to the exhibition supporting the interpretation of the artworks in Tomrom.

We are very grateful with the curator of Tomrom, Maria Veie Sandvik and the Sandefjord Kunstforening to support this experimental format within their exhibition.

If you’re interested in having Tacit Dimension design a game for your project, please contact us at info[at]nodecenter[dot]org  

A6-Horror-Vacui-Front-copy A6-Horror-Vacui-Back-copy IMG_4859 IMG_4868 IMG_4845 Poster-TOMROM-A2