Innovators’ Program Diary – Week 1

August 25, 2015

Last week Node’s Innovators’ Grant Program officially began. On Tuesday 18 August, we welcomed the Innovators Aleksandra Berditchevskaia, Saumya Bhatt, Gabriela Durán, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Silke Lange, Irene Lapuente and David C. Terry.

Coming from very different fields our Innovators will be collaborating during 8 weeks together with Node’s director Perla Montelongo and coordinator, Lauren Reid to investigate the potential of art thinking as a useful tool in other fields.

For two days our Innovators attended an intensive Design Thinking workshop with Adi Herda and Sabine Shutter from What Would Harry Do?, a creative collective of international, trained in human-centered innovation at HPI School of Design Thinking. An adapted structure of Design Thinking methods will be followed during the program – alternating between research, ideation, prototy- ping and testing.

Here are some pictures of the first week of the Program. Hard work from the first moment, but still time to toast, ceremonially seal our collaboration (via nail polish) and have fun!

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Design Thinking Workshop: 12361011141724202225

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