Innovators’ Program Diary – Week 8

October 13, 2015

With a mixture of excitement and uncertainty we entered week 8: excitement for what we had done these past weeks and future prospects, as well as uncertainty as to how we felt about our final prototype.

We began the week intensely refining the final prototype based on the feedback that we received from our testers. This prototype was named TILT, and was a series of interactive training videos and activities for teachers. We spent a lot of time intensely producing, filming, editing, and tweaking to get it as finished as we could to have it ready for future testing rounds.

We had a celebratory dinner hosted by Camillo’s Chef’s Table at the Lower East Lab. It was a special evening, made extra special by our lovely hosts Jorgen Smidstrup and Helle Pedersen who prepared an incredibly delicious five course meal for us with matching wines.

To close, we reflected firstly on our prototype – its strengths, weaknesses and future potentials. On our final day we looked back on the Program as a whole, taking the occasion to not only critically think about our working methods but to also get dirty once again and play with our prototyping materials to recreate the memorable moments of the program in plasticine, foam, pipe cleaners and whatever else we had at hand.

Lastly, as we began united with gold nail polish on our pinky fingers, we left with our pinkies newly painted with an individual colour each – we are together collaboratively in spirit but now on our own individual tracks. 

Once our thoughts have settled, we will come back together in November to start to produce a public reflection on our outcome and processes during the program. 

To see our outcomes more concretely, check our forthcoming ‘Wrap-up’ post on the Innovators’ Program.

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