Innovators’ Program Diary – Week 3

September 8, 2015

Research, research, and more research… Oh yes, that could have been the motto of the third week of our Program. 

If the week before the research was empirically undertaken through a series of one-on-one interviews, surveys and field work, this week it was time to dive into articles, essays, books, documentaries and all sorts of documentation related to certain patterns that we found emerging in the way that some artists think.

The week-long research was complemented with the visit of a guest, Spanish curator and good friend of Node, Juan Canela*, who presented his project Lesson 0, a long-term, wide-ranging project that examines the current state of art education. It is developed with artists and education experts who focus on alternative pedagogical methods, far removed from convention, in a search for non-standard forms of transmission of knowledge. As well as sharing his experiences with us, Juan took an active part in the Innovators’ working schedule for three days.

It’s has been great having you, Juan. Thanks for inspiring us and coming all the way up from Barcelona. And thanks to Spain’s Public Agency for Cultural Action AC/E for making it possible!

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Carolina Jiménez


* The participation of Juan Canela in the Innovators’ Program was kindly supported by Spain’s Public Agency for Cultural Action AC/E.


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