Node 2nd Anniversary

February 27, 2013

Node Center for Curatorial Studies is opening its doors to proudly celebrate its second year anniversary with a day/night of special events and fun. Alongside an open day of welcoming tea, card games, imagined exhibition titles and an insight into what happens at Node, there will be a full fiesta of events:

Saturday 9 March

Noon – Midnight

Node Center for Curatorial Studies

Waldemar Straße 37 Hinterhof, Level 4 Berlin 10999  

12:00 Know-how-why-what Ping Pong: A one-on-one exchange between present Node residents and visitors. Pair up with your favourite unknown topic from ‘how to get a free taxi ride in Slovakia’ to ‘origami’ to ‘how to cook Mexican’. Each member of the ping pong duo will teach the other their topic for 15 minutes. Come prepared to both learn and teach!  

14:00 Lunch Remix: Epic sandwich making! We will have a banquet of ingredients for you to make sandwiches…but for another…Is she a pickles and mustard kind of gal? A ham and cheese fella? Discover your neighbour and tailor a sandwich especially for them (in exchange for a sandwich uniquely crafted for you). Everyone welcome!  

Untitled Prophecies: Have you just finished an artwork and wondering what its destiny may be? Following from the tenet that there are many different ways to measure the potential ‘success’ or ‘failure’ of an artwork, Perla Montelongo and Lauren Reid will conduct a  one-on-one analysis of the past, present and future of your artwork via precise esoteric measurements. Fill out this telepathic form and submit it for spiritual analysis at Node’s divination station.  

16:00 Live Confessions: A conversational game from the late 19th century played by Marcel Proust, the Surrealists and others that laterally explores the aspirations and personalities of Node director Perla Montelongo and past residents: Paz Perez-Bustamante and Rachel Fox. Hosted by Leen Horsford.  

18:00 Pecha Kucha: Adopting the format of 20 slides for 20 seconds each, six curators/cultural producers will discuss their work with precision and dynamism! This is open to the public, so if you would like to be one of the presenters, please fill out this special form and submit your topic of discussion or personal project.  

19:30 – 21:00 Freestyle Cocktails: Design your own cocktail from a selection of flavours with a classic vodka base. Our experimental bartenders will mix the cocktail of your dreams…or nightmares…  

21:00 Node All Times Music Fever: The Node residents will build the ‘perfect playlist’ with the best songs of the past decades to warm up the dance floor. Node resident Chun Ya Yang will pump up your retina with her VJ Skills.   Stay tuned for more details! For further information on any of the events, please contact      

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