Node Speed Insights – Tokyo

October 25, 2015

An exchange of time and experiences

Open call:

Exchange your local insights of the city for the skills of Director of Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin.

Going to Japan has been a life-long dream for Perla Montelongo, Director of Node Center for Curatorial Studies and at last in November 2015 she gets to fulfil it thanks to Arts Initiative Tokyo. She wants to get to know the culture in Tokyo and to have meaningful and unique experiences, so she is seeking an exchange from those who know the city. Here is the exchange deal:

1 hour from you: Show or take Perla to anywhere in Tokyo that is not an art place.


1 hour from Perla: Perla can help you in anything you need, related to her occupational skill-set. This could be for example an artistic/curatorial portfolio review, advice on a cultural project or cultural business, art residency management, workshop consulting, e-learning information, generate new ideas, experimenting in the arts, information on the Berlin art scene, problem solving, survival skills, your own personal one hour coach :)

General information:

Who can participate in the exchange?: anyone living in Tokyo for at least five years, regardless of age, profession, etc.

When?: between November 21st, 2015 – January 5th, 2016

Communication language: English

How to participate?: send an email to with all the following information and I’ll get in touch with you to schedule our exchange!

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Facebook/social media/web page
  • Available dates 
  • Why would you like to make this exchange and how can I help you?


About Perla

perla_picPerla is Director of Node Center for Curatorial Studies, her main focus is on designing alternative learning strategies from and for contemporary art. In 2010, she co-founded Node Center, establishing it as a place for teaching researching, and experimenting with subjects related to curatorial studies and contemporary art practices.

Perla develops and defines Node Center’s structure which has included the Collaborative Curatorial Residencies, Online Educational Platform and the Innovators Program. In addition, she specialises in game design, lateral thinking strategies and e-learning.

Perla is travelling to Tokyo under the frame of Arts Initiative Tokyo Residency Program. 




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