Node’s Birthday Party

March 12, 2013

Last Saturday we had Node’s second year anniversary with 12 hours of events and a party to close the day! During the whole day, alongside with welcoming tea and coffee, we had different stations and activities. We created an Exhibition Title Generator device in which visitors could create their own imaginary exhibition titles.

At midday we started with the Know-how-why-what Ping Pong, a one-on-one exchange between present Node residents and visitors. Each member of the ping pong duo taught the other their topic for 15 minutes. We had lessons in different fields, from Nose Morse Code, Chinese language, Indesign, Chakra Alignment to How to enter to the Venice Biennale for free.

At 14:00 we had the yummy Lunch Remix, in which people were asked to find a partner, fill a form and make a sandwich for their partner. It was great catalyst for interaction between people!

At the same time Perla Montelongo and Lauren Reid performed the Untitled Prophecies. They conduct a one-on-one analysis of the past, present and future of artworks via precise esoteric measurements, predicting the potential ‘success’ or ‘failure’ of artworks. Artists got a full printed dossier of their prophecies and found interesting to look at their artworks from that perspective

Later we hosted tree sessions of Live Confessions, a conversational game from the late 19th century played by Marcel Proust and the Surrealists, that laterally explores the aspirations and personalities of the interviewed people. In this format, Leen Horsford and a guest who is not familiar with the art field, interviewed Node director Perla Montelongo and past residents, Paz Perez-Bustamante and Rachel Fox. Following Leens rules, there was no documentation, so the secrets stay with us!

Finally, alongside with Chun Ya Yang VJ performance, we had an amazing Freestyle Cocktails where the residents designed experimental cocktails for all the visitors! Thank you to the ones that joined us in the celebration!

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