August 1st 2013, from 17hrs – 20hrs
At: Node Center for Curatorial Studies
Waldemarstr. 37A
Hinterhof, level 4


On Thursday 1 August, Node opens its doors to the public to present the Summer curatorial residents’ workspace and aspects of their current research.

‘Footnotes’ are traditionally the annotations or additional pieces of information that accompany a substantial body of writing. With that in mind, the Node residents have paired up with Berlin-based artists to illuminate the research and references behind the practice of each of these artists’, without showing any artwork. The curators’ individual desks serveas a device for presenting the typically unseen content behind an artist’s work.

‘Footnotes’ also acts as a means for the Node curators to investigate their final project, which has an overarching focus on locations in Berlin under transition or flux. They have therefore chosen to work with artists exploring similar themes for this particular exercise. Their final project will be realised as an exhibition and publication at the end of August.

Curators footnotes on the work of artists –

(Curator | Artist)
Inês Oliveira | Bram Braam
Maria McConaghy | Rui Calçada Bastos
Stephanie Han & Raphael Rogenmoser | Benjamin Deboorse & Wouter de Raeve
Juliette Premmereur |Laura Gorski
Rebecca Heidenberg | Nadia Kaabi-Linke
Charlotte Van Buylaere | Kevin Schmidt
Patrícia Rosas | Miryana Todorova

Special thanks to:

Künstlerhaus Bethanien and ZK/U