“Therefore, the deployment is not the contrary to the crease, but what continues it from crease to crease”.

Pablo Zimmermann

This publication is a part of a series of actions made by the resident curators of the Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin. In all activities we wanted to explore and manifests the relationship that is generated between curators and artists. It is for this compromise and collaboration that we can enjoy the material that is now displayed.

Our intention with this publication is to explore the intrinsic possibilities of the book, considering it as an object, as a sequence, and as a physical space. We want to exceed the traditional format of this document, in this manner conditioning the reader and spectator to a different relationship with it. The fold of the paper, considered as a material, here multiplies our possibilities of acting. By cutting it, folding it, tearing it, or twisting it… the paper reveals uncommon relationships between the classic book form and the space of its pages. A publication encloses layers of meaning within layers of sheets…

Maybe that is one of the jobs of the curator, to unfold with the artist the complexity of a work of art that until that moment was just folded.

Ignacio García & Perla Montelongo
Aleksandra Domanovic, Alicia Frankovich, Caterina Benvegnù, Guia Cortassa, Ignacio García, Isabel Simões, Jerlyn Marie Jareunpoon, Julien Grossmann, Kajsa Dahlberg, Lian Ladia, Marlies Oud, Perla Montelongo, Sandra Kramer, Soda_Jerk, Victor Wang.

A project by Node Center for Curatorial Studies – Berlin
In collaboration with Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Editorial Coordination: Jerlyn Marie Jareunpoon
Graphic design: James Mckinnon
Printed in Berlin, June 2011
1000 copies