The Future Is…

– Node Center Notebooks Vol. 1 – A collection of exercises from the online course “Creative Forms in Art Writing”, lectured by An Paenhuysen  


‘The Future Is… Science Fiction in Art Criticism’ was written during an online course “Creative Forms in Art Writing” during springtime 2015 at Node Center – Curatorial Studies Online, which brought together writers from all over the world, talking about what they experience in their local art scene. It is from this “glocal” perspective that The Future Is… suggests a prognosis of what is about to come in the 21st century arts.

Authors: Adriana Coluccio, Anna Mortimer, Claire Gould, Laura Casarsa, Maria Petrides, Monika Luszpak, Pavlina Kyrkou, Peggy S Zask, Renata Summo-O’Connell, Marlies Adriaanse, Maria Garcia-Reuiz Nicolau, Fala Buggy, Zara Sigglekow, Zhenia Sveshinsky, Chantelle Mitchell, Venita Poblocki.

Edited by: An Paenhuysen

Produced by: Node Center for Curatorial Studies

Design: David Matos

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