August 31, 2016

Put on your best velvet cape and start shuffling the cards, we’re going on a journey through tarot in film.

Mashing together clips from 17 film and tv shows including anime, filipino horror, hollywood classics and tv sitcoms, the video The High Priestess, the Magician, & the Fool follows the different ways that tarot reading is shown in film, from the stereotypical scarf-wearing fortune-teller to the starry-eyed destiny-seeker.

Find out how James Bond gets the fortune he deserves and find out which film character you are to have your tarot read in the quiz below…



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This article is part of the Art Department’s ‘Prophecies‘ theme where we are looking at artistic approaches to visions of the future. From July – September we will be publishing articles by researchers, writers and artists that explore the relations between art and predictions of the future. Here we’re thinking about art in a broad sense, crossing science fiction, popular culture, film and music as well as, of course, visual art. This article is written and created by Lauren Reid, Director of the Art Department. 

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