Untitled Prophecies

Project by Perla Montelongo and Lauren Reid   logo_prophecies

Just finished an artwork? Wondering what its destiny may be? Following from the tenet that there are many different ways to measure the potential ‘success’ or ‘failure’ of a piece of art, Perla Montelongo and Lauren Reid conduct analyses of the past, present and future of your artwork via precise esoteric measurements.

Their unique methodology fuses carefully calculated statistics and mathematics with traditional techniques derived from the zodiac, i ching, tarot, and others to provide an accurate and holistic view of your artwork’s trajectory.  The project has so far included an afternoon of one-on-one consultancy sessions with artists (Node Center for Curatorial Studies, March 2013) and a commissioned text: ‘What is the future of art?’, as part of IS IT ART OR IS IT JUST? #trendbook s/s 2014 by New: Art Center, Rotterdam, July 2013 (pp. 70 – 81).

*The text ‘What is the future of art?’ is in the JOID collection.

We conduct group, private or event sessions. To book a prophecy session, contact info[at]nodecenter[dot]org. Our expert prophets will be happy to hear from you.

Read the text ‘What is the future of art?’ on pages 70 – 81